1. The carrier is responsible for providing aircraft equipped, manned, insured and with a valid certificate of airworthiness according to requirements of the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authorities.

2. The carriage of passengers and/or goods according to this agreement shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the Warsaw Convention of October 12 1929, as amended by Hague Protocol of September 28 1955, ratified by the Government of Norway and subject to provisions of Norwegian Air Act of June 10 1960 with later amendments. In the carriage of persons, baggage and goods, the liability of the carrier is limited to the following amounts:

a) Persons: Sdr. 100.000,- each person.

b) Baggage: Sdr. 17,- per kilogram up to maximum of Sdr. 332,- per person.


3. The carrier may, if compelled by circumstances, provide substitute carriers or aircraft for the performance to the contracted flight. Such carrier or aircraft shall as far as possible be of similar standard, and carrier shall as soon as possible notify the charterer of such substitution.

4. The carrier is not responsible for any cost arising through passengers interrupting or rejecting carriage due to intervention of immigration authorities, recommendations by certified physicians or for similar reasons. Nor is the carrier responsible for transportation of such passengers for the remainder of the journey.

5. The carrier may at any time divert, postpone or cancel any flight under this agreement in the event that the flight can not be performed or completed due to riots, strikes, lock-outs, civil commotion, existence, apprehension or imminence of war, blockade, embargo, acts of governmental authorities including civil aviation authorities, acts of God, fire, meteorological conditions, epidemics quarantine, requisition of aircraft, breakdown or accident to aircraft, or any other similar cause beyond the control of the carrier. Same apply if safety of passengers, cargo, aircraft, or crew is reasonably deemed to be in jeopardy by the captain of the aircraft or the carriers operational supervisors.

6. In no case shall the carrier be liable for any costs incurred by the charterer after the arrival at destination.

7. The captain of the aircraft is at any time entitled to refuse embarkation of passengers and/or goods if such a step in his judgment is required by the circumstances.

8. Bergen Air Transport solely offers point-to-point Internet booking services. On Internet bookings we therefore do not, and can not, offer transfer service for passengers and their luggage to other departures, whether served by Bergen Air Transport or other airlines. In connection with Internet bookings, Bergen Air Transport disclaims any liability for passengers not reaching connecting flights and can thus not be held responsible for any loss or expense incurred through not reaching connecting flights in time. In case of cancellations or delays, passengers with tickets booked on the Internet, can only be re-booked to other Bergen Air Transport flights. For refund of prepayed tickets, a fee of NOK 250,- will apply.

9. Due to limited space onboard the aircraft, each passenger can carry maximum 10 kilograms of baggage onboard the flight. Baggage exceeding 10 kilograms is subject to an additional fee of NOK 25,- per kilogram. Furthermore, each item must be limited to 50x40x30 cm., and we recommend the use of soft-bags.